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    robert wolff

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    robert wolff's website www.wildwolff.com

    on which his writings were always downloadable for free.

    robert wolff was a friend of mine...

    I never got to meet robert in person, but I exchanged calls and emails with him several times in his last years.


    He died late in 2015 at his Big Island Hawaii property. He was about 93 years old.


    I don't know the details, but since he lived alone and his exact date of death is not listed I imagine eventually somebody realized he was not alive anymore. He was going blind and knew he would die soon.


    I fell in love with robert while reading his book Original Wisdom - stories of an ancient way of knowing.


    (As you might imagine, I highly recommend reading this book...)


    Here is a brief biography of robert wolff in a blog post:



    Here is a podcast (1:22:48) of Rob Kall interviewing robert wolff in April 2010 about Original Wisdom. The stories robert tells are both fascinating and touching.


  • robert wolff Library

    In 2009 robert wrote about himself on his Amazon.com author's page:


    Somehow I prefer to write my name, robert wolff, without capital letters. In other countries that is very common.

    I grew up at a time and in a place where there were tigers; I knew tigers in the wild. The first time was when I was about eight. As I remember it: "I saw the tiger, and the tiger smiled." I like most animals, and plants. I feel I am an integral part of Nature. Probably that is why I don't like cities -- not a natural habitat for humans.

    I write about "all my relations," as native Americans say. All the beings and aspects of this planet that I relate to: the feathered people, the four-footeds, the two-legged; trees, plants; weeds; storms, sunshine, wind, rain. I write about people I have learned from, people I admire. And about animals and plants that I learn from. About the chaos that is Nature, its infinite interdependencies: everything related to everything else.

    And I write to remind us that WHAT THERE IS IS ALL THERE IS.

    You want statistics, mileposts? Born here, lived there, worked somewhere else, married, children (grandchildren, great grandchildren), degrees, appointments, disappointments. Yes, all of those. I am a human who belongs to the planet, to Nature more than to Man's world. I've had an exciting life, lived in many different countries in different cultures. Speak a few languages -- essential, I think, to be able to understand more than one point of view.

    I'm obsessed by 'simple' -- doing without rather than acquiring more.

    The world of Man is not simple. We made a world for ourselves on top of the planet, thinking we can divorce ourselves from the planetary ecology. We think we own this planet, we think we can own land, plants, animals, other people. How can we?
    Our man-made world is a jumble of rules and regulations that force us to be what we were not born to be, and it has become ever more destructive because we assume ourselves the masters of this planet. Our so-called civilization tames us, as we tamed, or domesticated, plants and animals.
    We deny, or ignore, what our foreparents knew to live sustainably for 100,000 years or more.
    We are as much part of the planetary ecology of course as weeds and fleas. But we have power, we use force. And with that force we are abusing Life, including our own species. We are destroying the planet, our only home.
    Now, 2009, I cannot see how we can prevent the crash of our illusionary house of cards.

    I don't know whether we can still slow down or stop climate change. Soon it will be too late. I don't believe in hoping for the best... I do best when I look whatever faces me straight on, recognizing it for what it is. If our species, humankind, survives the planet's response to our outrageous abuses we will find ourselves in a new Nature. We may even be a new, or renewed homo sapiens.

    In a new and different world I foresee that we will rediscover talents and abilities we have always had but brainwashed out of us by our current so-called civilization. That is what Rain of Ashes is about.

    I learned from a tribe of very ancient people to listen to my dreams. A Book of Dreams is about finding stories in the fragments of dreams we remember when we awake (not about interpreting dreams).

    A few more books, and a long list of essays on my web site:

    http://www.wildwolff.com/ ['wild' as in natural, of course, not as in 'out of control']

    The Big Island, called Hawai'i, December 2009.




    robert (who always wrote his name in small letters...) was a regular contributor to Rob Kall's OpEdNews, and also ran a website where anyone could download his latest writings for free: www.wildwolff.com.


    I was shocked to discover that since robert died his website is no longer online, meaning all of his unpublished writings are no longer available. I am sure this would make him angry and sad. Fortunately I had downloaded some of his bigger works and I am happy to make them available below in a robert wolff Library.


    If you happen to have additional robert wolff material that should be shared please get it to me to include below. In particular the library is missing:


    The Wonder of Being


    A Little Book of Poems


    NOTE: Rain of Ashes (216 pages book) can be purchased here: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/rain-of-ashes-robert-wolff/1015385179


    Thank you!

  • SPIRAL by robert wolff 2002

    The spiral we call evolution circles around the center that is Life becoming.

    Evolution spirals around and to the light.

    robert's story begins thusly:


    "At first there were rumors. Yet another so-called Unidentified Object. I did not pay much attention. I am deeply aware of my environment, I cherish and nurture the plants and trees and the animals that live in and around my garden (what Americans call ‘yard’). Outer space seems very remote to me. But very soon after those first rumors the Media exploded with what apparently was real news. Observers had seen something in orbit around our earth. And inevitably a few days after that the media talked about an alien space craft..."

    (104 pages PDF)

  • Haina by robert wolff 2003


    Stories are rarely new, their value is in the retelling of human truths. Many of the stories in this collection are old, they happened many years ago, and were written a few years ago. What made me want to put them together in this book is that they are like snapshots of a past that is only just behind us. Our world is changing very rapidly, so rapidly that the world of a previous generation seems almost incomprehensibly strange.
    "Ha‘ina mai ka puana" is a Hawaiian expression, used in almost all traditional and many modern Hawaiian songs. It is the last verse, used very much as a story teller might end his telling with “and so it is.” As many Hawaiian expressions it can mean other things as well, including “let the story be told.”

    (109 pages PDF)


    Anansi Part 1 by robert wolff 2005

    "There were survivors. Somewhere in the far northern part of North America a few survivors found each other at a cabin in a forest. Their story is told in Rain of Ashes. Other survivors had started a village of sorts, near a west-facing coast of middle Africa. As elsewhere, among the survivors were some who had recovered an ancient human talent to commune without words. For some of them, distance apparently was no barrier. One such, an African, called a cry that was heard by some in the cabin in the woods. The African organized a daring expedition. They had found an abandoned private jet, and with a few companions—and a 'real' pilot—they made it to the people in the north woods. Eventually, they returned, leaving two passengers that had come from Africa, and taking on two American women who wanted to join 'the Africa group.' This book, Anansí, is the story of the travelers, the African group, beginning after they left the north woods."

    (55 pages PDF)


    Earth Renews ver 2.2 by robert wolff 2014

    Earth Renews, and human kind...

    This is the last and most complete version of Earth Renews that I know of.

    robert wolff included revised versions of Saba, Anansi, and Rain of Ashes in Earth Renews.

    robert's masterpiece of a future that becomes less fictional day-by-day begins like this:


    "Tomorrow I die. That's what the new teacher says. How can she know? Joe and Larry died a
    long time ago. Maybe ten days, or thirty? It's hard to know what days mean any more when it is always night. The teacher's name is La Honda. Funny name. She says it is where she grew up, or where she was before, I can't remember. La Honda says it will be day again. One of these days she said. I've sort of forgotten what 'day' means. Night was when we were in bed, but now I sleep when I'm tired. So many hours are a day. But, how do you know what hours are? When La Honda said I die tomorrow, she meant soon, I think. Because I threw up in school. Well, not really school. It is that house where some people lived we did not like. I don't know why we did not like them; I thought they were okay. But, my mom says they do bad things. How does she know?"

    (294 pages PDF)


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